The Basic

What's The Basic?

We are a company who provides basic solutions during your extended stay in a city, particularly when you are on a business trip or long vacation. Not only stay but we provide an experience where you can see the same city differently.

We, at The Basic are committed for a holistic growth of the eco system. We believe in environment first policy and are in the process of taking step toward eco-friendly homes. There are all such of possibities in an oligopolistic market. Competition is healthy but we don’t believe in competition at all. We only believe in contribution and partnering for a sustainable growth. We are committed to set bench marks in services rather being a competitor or example to any trend.

Owner and tenant to host and guest this is a relation you would establish. The Basic is not all about stay or food. Its whole about how you bring difference in your life by adapting small basic techniques. Explore yourself with our services.